About orders



Prices with or without VAT?

The prices shown on our website are exclusive for online purchases and already include VAT at the current rate. Please be advised that these prices may vary from our physical store.


How does the site works?

To make a purchase on our website, you must be registered. Then, just add the item to the shopping cart  and finalize your order. All prices include VAT and applicable legal fees.


I want to pay for a purchase, can I do it through collection?

No, Multifiber does not send any items / products for collection, as we have the main payment methods existing both in Portugal and internationally:

ATM, Bank Transfer and PayPal (credit cards). 

Bank Transfer - IBAN PT50 0033 0000 4536 1441 2290 5.


Why do I have to send proof of payment?

 Multifiber receives many orders daily both through the online store and directly in the email inbox and telephone lines. Hence it is mandatory to send proof of payment with the respective order number. The proof can be sent to our email


How can I know the exact value for shipping?

It is quite simple, shipping value is fixed for all orders made in Portugal  (mainland) and has a value of 7.31 € up to 20 Kg. For all other destinations and weights you will have to check with us.


What about the delivery?

When finalizing your order, the website will ask for your delivery and billing details in case they are different.

Delivery can be made either by CTT Expresso or Seur, depending on the type of products to be transported.


How  do Multifiber orders come and how  do I receive them?

For your own safety, all orders are registered and will be delivered to the provided address. If delivery is not successful, Ctt  will leave a notice in your mailbox.

After a failed delivery attempt the customer will have to pick up the order within the next 5 working days and at the Ctt station informed in the notice.


How long does an order take to reach the customer?

After payments are confirmed and in case there is no stock break or anomalous situations external to Multifiber (bad weather, strikes, riots, and other disorders), the items have a maximum delivery time of 3 days for Mainland Portugal, 7 for Madeira Island, 10 for the Azores.

Whenever delivery within these deadlines is not possible, Multifiber will contact the customer to inform about the delivery time.


If I find that my order is damaged on arrival how do I proceed? 


Upon arrival the customer must check the aspect of the merchandise and only sign the delivery note presented by the carrier if everything is perfect.


If you find that your order is damaged you should not  receive it, send it back and we will send you a new item.


After signing the carrier's delivery note, we are not responsible for any dent, crack, scratch or  any other type of defect unless it is due to a manufacturing defect. 


Is there a minimum amount stipulated  to place an order? 


Yes, there is a minimum amount, for procedural reasons Multifiber does not accept orders that are less than * € 25.00.


*The cost of postage is excluded from this amount.  


Does Multifiber sells and ships outside Portugal? 


Yes, Multifiber sells and ships to any part of the world (export). Regarding this subject, please send us an email.


What are the opening hours? 


At the store for picking up orders (always confirm that your order is ready to be picked up).


Winter time:


Monday to Friday das 9:30H / 13:00H e 14:30H / 18:00H


Summer time: 


Monday to Friday das 9:00H / 13:00H e 14:30H / 18:00H 


Contact: +351 212 121 702/ +351 932 121 707


Can I return my purchases? 


Yes *, within the legal period (14 consecutive days from the date of delivery).


1 - In order to return the item, it must be in perfect condition and complete (returned with all the parts included in the original package shipped to the customer). You will also need to return the respective invoice / receipt.


2 - Before returning the article, you will have to contact Multifiber in writing stating your intention and requesting an authorization number.


3 - After authorization, the merchandise can be returned and will have to be sent to Multifiber. All costs relating to transportation will be at  the customer’s own account and in no case shall Multifiber be liable for any expenses.


4 - In case of return due to an error not accountable to Multifiber, a 10% fee will be charged on the amount of the invoice and this will be for re-entry into stock. 


Multifiber does not accept returns of the items listed below or in the situations described as follows:


a) Electrical equipment and other articles that do not comply with the conditions mentioned in 1. 


b) Tamper-evident packaging products.


c) Products that are out of our stock and that have been specifically ordered to serve the order,


d) Merchandise ordered with charges,  


f) Obsolete or out of print articles,


g) Anodes, anchors, chains and hoses, propellers, surfing and paddle material, buoys and others, paintings, oils, waxes and cleaning products,


h) Boats and engines, 


g) Previously explained situations. 


 - Please see more information in the "conditions of sale" section.  


How long and in what way are the amounts already paid returned?


All amounts will be returned using a bank transfer (we do not refund outside the national banking system)


I am buying through a website, how does the guarantee work?


Whether you buy through our website or at our physical store the guarantee is always the same. Multifiber being a company based in the European Union, fully respects the warranty period within the Community space (2 years for individuals and 1 year for companies).


To activate the guarantee, just keep the invoice sent with the merchandise.


We draw attention to the fact that guarantees are manufacturer’s responsibility  and advise e a detailed reading of the conditions of use .


How long does it take Multifiber to confirm payments?


For payments made by ATM and PayPal 1 day. 

For payments made by bank transfer, we ask our customers to send us proof of payment for fast shipping.


I noticed that there is an error on the Multifiber website.

Multifiber is committed to improving the quality of the website and solving problems related to the use of it. Ifn case you find an error on the website, please contact us  using the contact form.